Friday, February 13, 2009

Out with the Old and In with the New

Nature Set of Notecards

Bugs Set of Notecards


Chick and Tree Notecards

Ladybug Notecard

So I have been alluding to something new on the horizon for my business. Unfortunately, due to my current circumstances Ali's Aprons is being put on hold. I have always known that without blocks of time sewing for a living is nearly impossible. So... I am having to put Ali's Aprons on the backburner for right now. I will still take orders and special requests but just know that if you want something you better get your request in early. I will also graciously refuse you if I don't think I can hound it out in a timely fashion that doesn't kill me in the process.

With all that said my new venture is one that is still a work in progress and I beg your honest opinions and feedback. I have decided to take a chance with some of my graphic designs and have been working to put a stationary line together. Right now I am concentrating my focus on products that are focused more on children (seeing as that is my season in life). The pictures you see are just drafts of some ideas and color schemes I am going with at the moment. I will also be working on more boyish designs as they come to mind. I already have a few ideas and welcome more from all of you. So... let me know what you think. All will be personalized and prettily packaged. I hope to do calling cards, gift tags, party favor stickers, invitations, as well as notecards and flat cards. I also hope to combine designs and offer gift sets.


Kathryn Anne (Kate) said...


I really like these. My favorites are the plane, bugs, and chick.
Other nature-y designs that are popular now: owl, giraffe, birds

I like the direction you are going in. You are so talented and creative!

Love and miss you! Hope your little guy makes his appearance soon!

Amy said...

Those look so good! You are impressing me more and more with your creativity!!

Alison said...

Thanks Amy and Kate for your kind words. Kate, I have been thinking about an owl and birds especially. They can be so cute! I have also been thinking trains, cars, and boats for boys. I also want to do a bee. Who knows, the sky is the limit. Are there any objects/items you think would be cute? I am all ears. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ali!

I love these, and when you and Kate mentioned owls, that was one of Aunt Ann's ( great gma's ) favorite things. I remember she always had an owl collection when I was a kid... yikes! That was EONS AGO!!


Susan said...

Like Mary Virginia said, my mom always had an owl collection...can't believe she remembered that! I like the bugs especially. You could also go with sports themes with the boy, bat, catcher's mitt, football, etc. These are precious and I am in awe of your creativity. My son is a blessed man.
Oh for the girl's cards..ballet slippers, soccer balls,etc.

The Dettling's said...

Absolutely Adorable!!! I love the airplane! My dad flew a Super Decathalon stunt plane, so naturally I'm partial. You are so creative! I love it all! Hopefully one day I'll be able to use some of your girlie designs in our house too. P.S. I'm slow in writing thank-you's but one is coming. We LOVE our "Noah" cards! Very cute!

The Dettling's said...

Of course being married to Aaron, I'm going to have throw out the need for a cute retro race car! :) Trains, zoo and/or circus theme, a Noah's ark (still trying to find a cute one of those for Noah), maybe an apple tree, buttons, farm theme, crayons/art, army/camo, etc. I think you could make all of these cute in your "new" graphic way. I love your designs! They're much more different (and somewhat retro) than everything else out there. I'm a fan and have lots of "mom" friends, so let me know when it's up and running! I'll post your site to my blog. You also need to create a Facebook page! :)