Saturday, February 21, 2009

All Thumbs

First, I want to say thanks to all of you who graciously gave your feedback on my humble little cards. I had several comments and emails from friends and family. You were all very kind and some of you very honest - which I was hoping for. It is always hard to know what others would like and more importantly what they will purchase. That is why I go to you, those that I love and love me back. So thanks for letting me know your thoughts.

In the process of the last week I have endured working on a few things that I am not so good at - electronics. I finally have most of the things I feel I will need to print my little creations. The only problem now is that I must learn how to use them. Let me just say I was on the phone with both Adobe and Epson this week for over an hour each time trying to figure out how to just install the software so I could get started.

I am finally good with my new printer, but Adobe, not so much. All you techy/artsy people out there talk about how easy this program is to use and it probably is, but I already know after looking at it that tutorials are in my very near future.

I am horrible with directions - one reason being is that I hate to read them. Honestly, they really don't make sense to me. For example: I purchased a smocking book and looked through it. I was ready to throw in the towel and not even try. Then I picked up a DVD and watched it. The instructor showing me the stitches on the video explained everything. I was able to do it and am addicted (seriously, I smock while laying in bed watching tv. I am driving Doug crazy).

So while you may believe me to be creative I am all thumbs when it comes to directions and electronics. You can forget it. I don't even have the patience half the time to learn. So... I will just have to push through the tutorials (I am not great at these either). Funny that I was homeschooled seeing as I don't follow directions (maybe this is why I always struggled in math).

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