Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Springtime & Breaking Even

I captured these photos a couple of weeks ago. These lovely blooms are gracing our backyard at the moment (all but the daffodils as the kids decided to destroy them). I love the Spring time, the new growth, the warmer temperatures, the sunshine. I always feel like everything is more alive - even people. We are no longer stuck, cooped up in our homes. It is just a happier time to me.

With warmer temps come new clothing for the kiddos and if you know me, I LOVE shopping for clothing - regardless if it is for them or myself. I have mentioned before that I shop consignment sales for the kiddos. I find I can get great clothing for very little money. But if you are familiar with consignment sales, they normally occur before the clothes are actually needed.

Febrauary was abuzz with several sales, and well, February is not the best financial month for us to purchase clothing. We are normally catching up from the holidays AND our bills seem to be some of the highest - as this is one of our coldest months (not to mention illness). So I am not ashamed to say that we just didn't have the moola to purchase the kid's clothes.

This was quite a place of worry for me. Thankfully we had been graced with a little money from various relatives for Christmas, but the money I had was supposed to be for me to spend on well, me. Doug and I talked about it and I decided I had no choice but to set a budget, use my Christmas money, and just hope I made enough from what I was selling to break even (and later pay me back the difference.}

To say I was worried about this was an understatement. I am not disastisfied with my choice to stay home or my husband's choice to be a public servant, but lets face it, extra cash for extra things just isn't there, so my Christmas money I am pretty stingy with. :) I was greatly convicted while worrying way too much over this that I hadn't once prayed and asked the Lord specifically to work in this situation. Feeling a bit guilty I went to the Big Guy and not only asked for what I thought we needed, but asked for a bit more - that I would break even and if He thought to see fit, actually MAKE some money for future clothing purchases.

Guess what, He did it! Yes, not only have I made back all the money I spent, but I to date have made $26.00 over what I have spent - and I'm not done yet.

So next time you get to worrying about something and think it might just be too small to talk to the good Lord about. Think again... I am always humbled by the way God chooses to work in my life - even the little things. Here's to breaking even (and then some.)

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Joanne Owen said...

Bumper sticker that convicted me:
"Why pray when you can worry?"

Afraid the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree... We should encourage each other to pray and trust more.

Glad He worked it out for you. Amazing, isn't He?
So are you.

Love you,