Saturday, April 16, 2011

{occupying my time}

Once again, I do not have a Scrap It Saturdays project to post. My goals of having something to work on for each week were a bit lofty, but most of my goals usually are. I am currently working on something, but it is not quite ready - mainly because I have been working on this little piece for my sweet Charlotte.

I purchased fabric for this dress back in January and started putting it together over six weeks ago. Yes, should you think I just crank out all this stuff with little ones in tow, cook, coupon, and attend to all the responsibilities of being a wife and mom, most all my sewing projects start months out from when I need them. They get worked on during my "spare" time. So, seeing as Easter is just a week away, Scrap It Saturdays projects were put on the backburner while I put this sweet dress together. It is all but done with only the buttons to sew on and the button wholes to make.

So, just in case you wonder why I have been slacking with my scrappy creations, I think I have had a pretty good reason of something else occupying my time. :)


The Kimmels said...

OMG (no other way to describe it). That is soooo beautiful and you are incredibly talented. I'm so jealous!!

Amy said...

Can't wait to see the finished product! I know it will be beautiful!!!