Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Cookies

I have been wanting to do a cookie decorating party for quite some time. I always think about it around Valentine's Day and it never is a good time - with Douglass Charles' birthday being just a few weeks after. I found some Easter cookie cutters a few weeks back and I thought, why not do one for Easter. So... we did.

It was quite simple, with just a few neighborhood friends invited. Everyone brought their favorite sprinkle/decoration and I provided bunnies, tulips, eggs, and butterflies to decorate. My mom also sent Jesus necklaces with beads for the kids to make.

We had a wonderful time and I was thoroughly entertained by the fact that boys and girls do cookies differently. The girls litereally assembled for 45 minutes. Griffin and Douglass Charles "decorated" and then immediately ate their creations, both being completely finished in about 15 minutes. Then they were off to play.

Thanks to our neighbors for joining in the fun. It was a great start to a fun Easter weekend!

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