Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Basket Favor Tutorial

So we are having a few neighborhood friends over this Friday for a little Easter cookie decorating fun! I got a wild hair last week to put together some favors for our friends all while looking at the numerous yogurt cups I needed to recycle - and this fun project is what I came up with. Isn't it cute? It was so much fun!

I had hoped to include the kiddos in on creating it, but regular glue wouldn't hold it together and I think you would agree a hot glue gun and two toddlers aren't a good mix. I will say, though, that they love them and I am struggling to keep their little paws off these favors - they really are the perfect size for little hands to play.

So... scroll on down, so that you, too, can enjoy our little Easter favors.

What you will need:
Cleaned yogurt cups - we used the small yoplait containers, but you really could use anything from a fruit cup to a pudding cup - just wash on the top rack of your dishwasher to disinfect.
3 inch whole punch (or just cut your own circles - you will need five per favor)
Scrapbook paper
glue gun

Step 1: Cut your ribbon (I just eye balled it. Honestly, the length of the ribbon will depend on the size of your container) and glue both ends to the sides of the cup.

Step 2: Cut five circles and start placing them around the container like the photo above. Manipulate the "petals" to wrap around and hug the container closely. It is okay if the paper tears a bit - especially when placing the first petals.

Step 3: Once you have covered the outside, take your last petal and glue it on the bottom. Then glue each side up around the bottom. I then folded the corners and glued them to the sides.

And there you have it, your completed favor basket.

Fill it will jelly beans, or in our case - paper grass (which is just shredded scrapbook paper that I put in our shredder) and a sweet little peep. Honestly, I think these could be used for just about any kind of small favor - so don't be surprised if you see them again. :)

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Dot said...

So cute! What a great idea. Thanks for sharing.