Monday, August 9, 2010

boo boo

Well we had a boo boo of a week last week with Doug going back to school. I know, cry me a river, right? I had my hubby home for 2 months. I mean, there is nothing to feel sorry for me over is there. No, there is not, but it is always a transition and we did enjoy having him around.

The week brought us some unexpected changes - like having to part ways with my wonerful sitter because of some scheduling issues (Oh, we will miss her) and a summertime cold for everyone so far but daddy. We are on the up and up and determined to have a better week. There is nothing like a little transition to develop a little character and boo boo's - whether physical or emotional - can do just that.

Had to share the picture above with you. We sport Dora Bandaids over here at our house and Charlotte busted it nicely over a week ago. She is almost healed, but still insists on a "Dandaid" as she likes to call it. On this particular day her brother was not to be outdone - he wanted one too for his itty bitty scrape so they are showing them off here. If it is any consolation - seeing as my son is wearing a Dora bandaid - I did purchase Spiderman and Shark snacks this week at Publix (since they were on sale of course). It was high time that poor kid had some more masculine things purchased for him.

Happy Monday!


The Kimmels said...

Sarah Belle like to wear bandaids JUST to wear them. She especially loves the Dora ones as well as Princess. One time I went over there and she was wearing like 5 on her legs but actually had a boo boo on her toe that did not have a band aid. Silly girl. Love the pics and I hope you have a better week. I'll talk to you soon!

Amy said...

Yeah for Douglass Charles! Although, you wouldn't have noticed he had on a Dora band-aid! Hehe! It looked masculine to me! So sorry about your babysitter. I'll have to have details!! It's amazing how things work out, though, isn't it?! (after our voice mail conversation today)