Thursday, August 12, 2010

Party Time

Fly Fly Away Invitation

Hoe Down Invitation

Noah's Ark Invitations (great for twin birthday)

(inside the invitation)

I promised there were a few new things headed your way in the party department. I apologize for taking so long to share these with you, especially since I promised the "Hoe Down" invitation back in April. Oh well...

I must say I love all of these invitations and hope to add a few more things to my party collections - like cupcake toppers and party favor stickers. Is there something you would like to see added to a birthday party pack?

Also, I do have a question to pose to you, my loyal reader. What do you think about offering printable invitations. I have been pondering over this as I have seen other designers offer this option. My big reservation has been about the quality. If you have ever seen or ordered my stuff I am pretty particular about trying to use the best and offering the buyer the option to print their own things takes this "quality control" piece away from me.

BUT... it is much more economical for those that want to do the work to print and cut the invitations (and the rest of the party pack) themselves. So... tell me what you think. The great thing about printing it yourself is that you can print as many as you like so if you want a crazy big party you don't have to spend over $100 for 100 invitations. What do you think?


*plum*tree*studio* said...

love them favorite is still the whale..too cute! for party suggestion would be only from experience of currently planning a baby shower...some type of paper banner or garland with your adorable images on it. i can send you what i'm talking about via e-mail if you'd like. :) as for the printing at home, i think it's a nice option for those trying to save money but really love your work. for those who really love your work but also the quality of paper, they will have you print them. i'm all about the feel of paper with invites..the thinker and some texture..the better. sorry so long! ;)

Mary Catherine said...

I think you could also offer matching return address labels. I think printable invitations are a good idea but I personally would rather have you do it...beacuse I also am a perfectionist and would probably go crazy trying to do it myself!