Monday, January 25, 2010

Pretty Pictures

Many of you saw our Christmas picture and I have been wanting to blog about the wonderful photographer who snapped that photo. The photographs you see above are also her handywork and I couldn't be anything more than pleased.

I found out about Laura through a friend of mine, Joy Blevins Derrer. Joy and I go way back and she lives in Marietta with her two precious children. Laura had taken her little Thomas' picture after his birth and when I took her a meal last Spring after the baby was born, she showed me the pictures Laura had taken. Her style was exactly what I was looking for.

One thing I LOVE about what Laura does is she not only captures color, but for our family, she captured personality. This is not easy to do. I felt many of the photos captured who we are as a family and the bonds that we have with one another. The little looks, the movements in still frame, the joy we feel together. So... if you are looking for a good photographer check her out at You won't be disappointed.

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