Thursday, January 28, 2010

Life Lessons Courtesy of Go Deigo Go

The day has finally arrived - my sweet, beautiful, little blue-eyed Charlotte has learned a bad word. Thankfully it was not a word that sometimes slips from her Mommy's lips that is "oh so bad," but it is the word "stupid."

I remember the first time I heard it out of her mouth. She was just saying different words, holding her doll. When it came out of her mouth it sounded like "Sooba." I immediately asked Charlotte what she said and she quickly repeated it. I was thinking, did she just say "stupid?" So... I asked her. She nodded her head yes. From that day forward, we have begun disciplining her for saying this word.

The other night as we were watching "Go Deigo, Go!" they began to sing a song. I wasn't paying much attention, but Charlotte immediately turned around, wide-eyed and said "Mommy!" pointing to the television. In the song they sang a word over and over again - a Spanish word meaning up and it sounded like... you guessed it "sooba." All this time I thought she was saying "stupid" and she was only saying "go up" in Spanish. I felt horrible. Now I am the one who taught her to say "stupid" all because I didn't know that she was actually speaking Spanish.

While this is very funny to me (and Doug and I, as well as my mother, have gotten a good chuckle out of it) my training has come back to haunt me. Two nights ago while bathing both of the kids in the tub I slipped up. The kids were splashing and being a little too silly and without even thinking about it I said, "Charlotte, that is just stupid." Well, immediately I was corrected. Charlotte said very emphatically with a finger pointing up at me "Mommy, you not say that." I heard Doug chuckling in the next room and I started scrambling trying to figure out how to correct the situation. I promised Charlotte I would go to time out and I thought to myself... at least my hard work is paying off. :) Thanks Deigo for teaching this family a little life lesson and a new word in Spanish. :)


Courtney said...

oh this is just too funny! Can't wait to share this one with Shaun :).

Amy said...

That is hilarious!!! She's so smart!!