Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas at Nana's

Flannery and Nana

Silly Addy

Papa playing in the tent with Charlotte and Adeline - they LOVED this!

Mary Catherine (my sis-in-law) with Adeline and Flannery

One of the many disputes amongst the girls - they really do play well together but sometimes they don't feel like sharing. Please take note of my mother in the back. She is laughing at this HYSTERICALLY!

Originally we had planned to spend Christmas at home this year. I was sad - knowing that ALL of my family would be home - but I agreed with Doug and felt it was time. About a month before the big day, while driving home from church, Doug asked me a question. He said, "What do you think about going down on Christmas Eve and surprising your mom for Christmas?" He knew immediately by my response how I felt because I started crying.

For those of you that know me well you know that I LOVE my momma. I have always been a momma's girl and because I was the oldest and she needed me so our relationship is probably a little different from most women and their moms'.

We only let my youngest sister know that we were coming and we rolled into town before lunch. We walked in the front door with both kids and my mom was sitting, chatting on the phone. She didn't even turn to look so Doug slammed the door. She spun around and screamed with absolute shock and delight. I come by my weepy nature quite naturally. She started crying.

It was a precious time as we all got to be together, celebrate our traditions, and meet the newest additions to the ever expanding Moore family. The photos above are just a few of our Christmas at Nana's.


Amy said...

That is so fun that you surprised them!! I know your mom loved it!

stephanie said...

aww, made me a little weepy. i knew you were going but didn't know that your momma did not. so fun. cutest pics too!

David and Red said...

I know that you had a blast with your family and I can just imagine how over the moon your mom was at having you all there. We missed our traditions terribly this year so I know you enjoyed getting down to Atmore to visit with your family. Kudos to Doug for being such a great hubby and making that happen for ya'll. :)