Friday, January 8, 2010

Meeting Sweet Flannery

Charlotte enjoying her new cousin - I have got to teach her about personal space because she has NONE!

Playing some more

Matt monitoring the two girls - he was brave to let my child be SO close.

We also had the pleasure of meeting Henry, Courtney Dettling Sirmon's little guy. Henry was due one week after Flannery and wound up being a week older. His momma is practically a member of our family, so of course Henry is too. :)

A not so great picture of Doug and me with Flannery

As I have mentioned before my sister, Lauren, welcomed her first child in August. Lauren and her husband, Matt (soon to be Dr. Matt), live in Dallas and because of the distance between us - and our limited finances - meeting each other's new little ones was quite impossible. So... you can imagine how anxious the two of us were to see each other this Christmas and hug and kiss on the other's new baby.

Flannery is a sweet, little thing. She looks like her father when she is both laughing and angry - in a very feminine way of course - but she still has that glimpse of Moore. My kids have it too - the little taste of my gene pool that makes you go "I can see it, but I am not quite sure where it is coming from."

We so enjoyed being together and sharing mommy stories. Charlotte and Adeline also loved their new cousin. They both fought over holding her and Flannery normally complied.

Again, it will be too long before we get to see little Flannery again. The goal - this summer. On a side note: Lauren and Matt get the Christmas Award for the furtherst drive with a child. My hat's off!

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Courtney said...

We really enjoyed getting to be with everyone!! So great to finally get to catch up!