Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Spit and Slobber

I am still waiting on Thanksgiving pictures, so please forgive the lack of posts. I also have new pictures of this week of our Christmas baking, but I don't want things to be too out of sequence. We shall see how long this lasts. :)

So, this will be disgusting to some of you, but I had to mention it because I did not experience this with my little girl - I will chop it up to her being female. Douglass Charles figured out how to blow a raspberry a few weeks ago. Charlotte did this, but not with as much enthusiasm as her younger brother. His favorite time to do this is while eating, which prooves quite challenging. I normally wind up covered in whatever he is eating. At nine months it is almost impossible to "train" him because he just doesn't understand. So I try in vain to get him to stop spitting. I swear that child is covered in more slobber and I have to change his clothes multiple times a day - not to mention that I have had to take several showers in a day just to get myself clean after a feeding time.

Oh the joys of motherhood. I wouldn't trade it, though, even if I am covered in spit, slobber, and Douglass Charles' lunch. :)

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