Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Little Man

Such a handsome boy

This is what he does when he wants me to pick him up - crawls over, whines, and pulls at my leg

Funny face

Happy Boy!

Douglass Charles is on the move and now that he is mobile he is a much happier little guy. He scoots around the house like he owns it and he is thrilled when Charlotte, Doug, or myself will get down on his level and crawl with him. He squeals with delight and takes off crawling as fast as he can - with an occasional quick stop to turn around and make sure that one of us is still following.

This little guy makes me laugh. He is so much a boy. He loves movement and doesn't seem to stop. We were all sick this last week and even though he wasn't feeling well he still had to be on the go. His amount of energy amazes me. He not only likes to move, but he likes to make things move. He pushes his bike around, toys, you name it, he is pushing it forward and back.

These pictures were just a few cute shots I have gotten over the last month. Thankfully, in all his effort to be in motion he still takes out time to just sit with his mommy. He is still very much all about me - which I must selfishly say that I love. He is my little man, of course. :)

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Amy said...

Those are too cute! I'm glad yall are feeling better!