Thursday, December 3, 2009


Sorry, still no Thanksgiving pictures. Aunt Sarah is under the weather and I am sure my Thanksgiving pictures are not high on her priority list seeing as she is sick in bed. I will have some up soon, whether they are Thanksgiving or something else. We got some great ones last night as the kids were joyously playing together - such fun!

Today, I am feeling down, lonely to be quite honest. A common feeling for me especially after all the hustle and bustle of family and holidays. We have had a good week - one creating memories as a little family, but still those feelings seem to creep in. Many days when I feel those oh so lonely feelings a person from my young childhood comes to mind.

Now, those of you from First Pres back in Atmore know who Mrs. Holmes was, but for those of you that don't, she was an older lady in our church. A widow. She was a sweet but very stern woman and helped my mother out from time to time keeping us. Now, let me just tell you that at the age of five, six, and even seven, I was not a fan of Holmsie - as we called her. She had cataracts, which means she had the big goggle glasses that made her eyes look huge. She was also not afraid to whip my little bottom into shape when I displayed my very bratty behaviour. Her famous saying as she waved one had and then the other was "If Missy (right hand) can't do it, Mossy(left hand) can!" then she would clap these two hands together. Darnit if it didn't scare me every time.

But one thing Holmsie passed on to me and to so many others was to do for others, especially when one is feeling a little down. When she would get lonely she would always get out some carrots and her grater and whip up some of her famous carrot raisin salad and take it to someone. She always told my mother that this was the way she took her focus off of herself and gave to someone instead - making herself feel better. Quite an exmaple and quite a legacy if you ask me. So, today, in my little self pity and lonely state I say thanks to Holmsie for the reminder to be thankful and when I don't feel oh so great, to find another soul to encourage, comfort or bless.


Courtney said... just brought back A LOT of memories for me. Right there with you with the feeling lonely/having a down day. Thanks for being honest...just hearing that I'm not the only one makes me feel a lot better.

Amy said...

I was going to e-mail you, but I can't find your address---so you don't have to post this comment---I really just wanted to e-mail you.

So, I am coming to a 32 party out near you tomorrow night. Anna and I are going to come together (she lives out by you and also has 2 kids). I wanted to let you know that you could join us. I'd really like for you to meet Anna, especially since yall live so close together. Plus, I'd like to see you--you've been on my mind, and this post confirmed that I needed to contact you! :-) It was too late for me to call you, but you can call me tomorrow, if you want, and are interested in tomorrow night. I hope you have a good night, and hope to talk to you soon.

Alison said...

Thanks so much for the sweet comments. Amy, I emailed you about tonight (thanks for the invite. means a lot) and Court, you know I love you like a sister. Hope to see you over the holidays so I can meet your sweet Henry.

erin said...

Oh my goodness...i know exactly who you are talking about! She lived on fourth Avenue right down from our house. I called her Holmsie and she would invite me, just me, over for dinner, and fix that carrot raisin salad. It was the first time i had ever eaten that, and I loved it. Wow, what a trip back in time!