Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Baking

This is the first year that Charlotte and I have made Christmas cookies together. I have been longing for this moment since I first found out I was pregnant. Baking Christmas cookies in our home was a tradition when I was little and I have very fond memories of the time with my mother and sisters - and all the icing I got to eat.

The process literally took us three days. We did made the dough on Monday, rolled out, cut the cookies and baked them Tuesday, and made the icing and iced them Wednesday. While drawn out, we thoroughly enjoyed the time together and all the sugar.

Douglass Charles joined in the fun by having free reign of the kitchen. We normally have to block him off from the kitchen because he LOVES getting into the dog food. He crawled around for an hour on the kitchen floor exploring all it had to offer.

I must record here that at 2 Charlotte was more into the making the cookies and eating the dough - and the icing. She did better with cutting out the cookies than I anticipated. Regardless, we had a wonderful time and started a family tradition that I hope to carry on for many years to come. :)

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Laura Alvis Photography said...

hey, I found your blog! This is a very sweet post. I admit that I, too, have been looking forward to when I can make treats with Sarah. I tried recently, and believe you me, 18 months is NOT the time...hehe....anyway, glad you had such a good time!! I'm an icing girl too :-) In fact, hubby eats a piece of cake and I "de-ice" it