Monday, June 8, 2009

Swimming Poolside


Kind of Scared

Drunk from too much water

Drinking that water

And again

While at Nannah's, Charlotte had her first real time in the pool. I was very curious how she would react. She is a mix of both her father and mother. She is pretty cautious (me) in the beginning and after building her confidence she goes full throttle (her dad).

She wasn't too crazy about the pool this trip. She was more interested in drinking the water out of the baby pool (Yuck, I know). She did enjoy sitting on the steps and we went back and forth for a while between the big pool and the baby pool.

Douglass Charles didn't get much pool time. Since he is only three months old he isn't able to wear sunscreen. I was too concerned about him getting burned. So, we sat outside for a little bit, put his feet in the water and that was about it. Doesn't he look cute, though, in those swim trunks and hat? :)


Amy said...

Hey-Good to hear that yall had fun! You need to talk to your pediatrician about the sunscreen for D.C., because Pax wore it all last summer. My ped gave me some samples of the Aveeno, and he was fine. Just ask:-) Good luck!

Alison said...

Good to know. I will call and ask. It isn't fun for him to have to sit out. Nor is it fun for me either. :)