Monday, June 15, 2009


Charlotte's vocabulary seems to increase every day. She not only says single words but she can put two and three words together. She is aware that she is communicating because she gets really frustrated when I don't understand her. Lately, since Doug has been home for his summer break, we have noticed that she has been calling him Momma. We correct her repeatedly but much to our dismay, she continues to call him Momma. Don't know why and don't know how it happened, but somehow she has gotten all mixed up. So, what does she call me? Nothing, just "uahhhhh" whenever she wants me or something from me. I think she is doing it just to spite me because she knows how badly I want her to call me by name. :)

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Bridget Adams said...

hey alison...good to see your kiddos!! so glad you are doing well, hopefully meg will keep me posted on your crafts :)
bridget adams