Thursday, June 11, 2009



Douglass Charles in the Christening gown that my brother wore. It is so nice to have such wonderful heirloom pieces in the family. They really do mean so much! Hopefully he will be baptized later this summer.

Charlotte all smiles - for the split second she would stay still.

Doug and I took the kids to have their portraits done yesterday. Douglass Charles was in a foul mood and wound up with the hiccups and Charlotte wasn't too sure about the whole thing. The first picture was truly the only one the photographer was able to get of them together. It was nice, though, to finally have some nice pictures made of the kids together. All in all we had a good day was we later shopped at the mall, bought a freezer for all my grocery store sale items, and had a great lunch at Johnny Rockets. Just an all around good family day.

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