Tuesday, May 10, 2011

gifts galore

We have had birthdays coming out of the woodwork. We love celebrating our friends, but when they all hit at the same time, I have to start getting creative. I must admit that this wealth of birthday fun has made me a big fan of the dollar store. And lest you think me too cheap, I generally think it is a wonderful idea. You all know how expensive toys are, and when there are multiple gifts to be purchased, a nice gift of $20 a piece five to seven times over in a month adds up really quick.

The great thing about these colorful buckets is that I could quickly personalize them with a paint pen, label all of their things, and drop a few personalized notecards in with the gift (they are not pictured with the ensemble above). Seriously, though, what little boy or girl doesn't enjoy an afternoon flying a kit, playing with sand and water toys, or a water pistol for that matter. For littles, these items are just perfect for a day of play.

So... next time you are scrambling to find a reasonably priced gift, remember the ole dollar store. You can't go wrong. :)

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Adventures in our army life said...

That is such a great, creative idea! Thanks for the idea! It can get expensive as they get older and you have more and more parties to go to...these buckets are adorable!