Monday, May 9, 2011

b l e s s e d

My Mother's Day weekend was full - full of happiness, treats, discipline (because unfortunately it must be done), and play time, snuggling with my little guy, talking princess with my little girl, date night with the hubby, a nice relaxing afternoon, park time, and a pancake dinner (with my fave wine, I might add).

I am truly blessed to have these little munchkins and the man that gave them to me. Not to mention a momma that I "rise up and call bless-ed!" So Happy Mother's Day to all you out there. Remember that you don't have to be a momma to bless others like a momma can. :)

Oh, and just to humor you, the wine was given to start the weekend and the Amaretto liquor - for my fave beverage - an Amaretto Sour (plus a pedicure gift certificate from the hubs). Guess the fam thinks relaxing a little with my favorite beverage is in my best interest. :)Hope your Mother's Day was filled with joy!

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