Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a full house, and still so few

The kids enjoying a popsicle after some time at the pool and pizza on the porch. They had SO MUCH FUN!
Charlotte after feeding Leah Cate a bottle - it was her first time doing it and she felt like a big girl.
My lovely and precious mother with her youngest granddaughter - also trying to soak up all the time with us while she could. :)

It is comical to me that I can have a full house and only one of my siblings is present. Of course, that sibling comes with his own family and you add our family of four and his family of four and my mom and you do have a pretty full house - nine people. The funny thing is that there were eight other people missing - I know CRAZY!And those eight don't include my other sister's significant others that aren't "officially" part of the family yet. All that said, I had a WONDERFUL, wonderful time with my mom, brother, his wife and their girls. Our times together are never long enough. The funny thing about half of my family being so far away is that I do believe I appreciate our times together so much more. We never know when our next time together will be and I just try to soak up all the time that I have with them. Hope you enjoy these photos from our "full house" weekend. :)

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