Saturday, October 3, 2009


"Mommy, turrr!"

Kind of scary if you ask me

If you remember my post about turtles flying a few weeks back this post is an add on to that one. While working in the yard last week Doug came across our flying turtle. Yes, the same little guy we had seen only a few weeks before was back and appeared to be living in the back woods. Unfortunately, we have not seen him since and wonder if all of our excitement maybe made him determined to find a new home. Nonetheless, there has been much discussion about "turrrs" in our home as Charlotte constantly talks about them.

It is so fun to see the wonder and amazement on your child's face as they learn about all the wonderful things this world has to offer. It really has to be one of the most rewarding things as a parent - watching your child learn and seeing them relish and enjoy the moment. Thanks Turrr for visiting and for your lessons in nature.

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