Monday, October 19, 2009

Sibling Interaction

After my quite negative post last week and my discount announcement I realized that I needed some personal more uplifting posts on here. The camera has been empty with no recent pictures lately so I set out to get some this morning of my kiddos at play.

I also wanted to take this time to jot a few things down about each of them, for my rememberance and for my family's enjoyment. So here it goes...

These two have begun interacting more and more. The photo above pretty much sums it up. Charlotte doing what she pleases and Douglass Charles suffering through it. They play well together, but Charlotte tends to think that everything is hers and tends to yell her brother when she decides that something is "MINE" (that is what she says). I normally have to go over and coax her into giving the toy back or letting brother play with it a bit longer.

Douglass Charles is not completely innocent. Charlotte is less than a month away from being two. This being said, there have been many discpline opportunities in our household - and while I am blessed with a pretty compliant child - we certainly have our days and moments. Douglass Charles finds it quite funny when his older sister is disciplined. As she is crying hysterically, he finds this hysterically funny and laughs and laughs at her. What do you do? He doesn't understand.

Douglass Charles is also sitting up very well and is about to take off crawling. He will pull up on both hands and knees and shake his body back and forth. After a while he will begin to fuss because he can't figure out a way to make everything move together so he can get to what he wants. Usually this is when I go in and set him back on his seat again. Unfortunately Charlotte sometimes beats me to the punch and I find her sitting on top of her brother.

The other thing Charlotte loves to do - other than sit on top of Douglass Charles - is just go over and push him over. I feel so badly for him and Charlotte gets chastised for this behavior, but I honestly think she likes the power of seeing him fall backwards. He gets her back, though, with a nice jerk of her hair whenever she comes over to give him a big hug.

Lastly, (and I know there are things I am forgetting) they have started yelling wars. They will both yell at the top of their lungs and see who can be louder. If you are wondering how loud - it is pretty loud. This is mostly done during meal times as they are both in their booseter chairs at the table. They both find this to be too funny and wind up errupting in giggles.

I must say, having a second child - and one so close to the first - has been very challenging. It is also very rewarding and amazing to see how much those two already love one another and love playing together. I look forward to many more sibling interactions in the weeks, months, and years to come. :)


lbrownfield said...

Charlotte is a mess! Look at that face! And I'm glad Douglass Charles is getting his back in. So fun to hear how close they're getting. Oooooh, I can't wait until Christmas!!!!

Grant, Meg and Favre said...

Thanks for the stories..they are soo funny! I laughed about Douglass Charles laughing at Charlotte when she was in trouble, poor Charlotte..but I laughed because it made me remember when Doug used to do that to us. We'd have to go to mom and dad's room when we were in trouble and him and Andy would stand outside the door and laugh and taunt us. Funny how things continue through our children!