Tuesday, October 20, 2009

American Girl

Today it happened. Charlotte received her first American Girl catalog. I have known for quite some time that I wanted Charlotte to have an American Girl and also knew it was something we would be getting when she was a little older. Obviously, they are marketing to a whole new age group. I was a bit surprised as I looked - or tried to look over Charlotte - to view the catalog. They have SO much now, babies, twins, the traditional dolls, other characters, dogs, and all the accessories. I thoroughly enjoyed looking through it myself - but didn't enjoy the prices.

As for Charlotte, she LOVED the catalog and tried desperately to take the dolls out of the catalog. She would use her fingers and try to scratch the doll at the top like it was a sticker - thinking she could have it this way. So... American Girl dolls are most likely - or should I say definitely - in our future.

I look forward to finding out which is Charlotte's favorite. Thank God I can sew. I will not be buying those crazy clothes for more than I pay for an outfit for Charlotte.

Which is your favorite? I have always had an affinity to Molly. I think it is the dark hair, dark eyes, pigtails, and I love those glasses...


The Baggetts said...

Molly for sure. I never had an American Girl doll but Ellen did and Molly was our favorite!

Kathryn Anne (Kate) said...

I always loved Kirsten...I loved her name. My friend used to own Samantha and I liked her too. My favorite book series of the American Girls was Addy. Loved those. My parents bought me all the book series but I had to just dream about a doll. I remember LOVING getting that HUGE magazine in the mail and just dreaming. I played with my friends dolls a lot though too.

I am sure Charlotte will LOVE one of these!