Friday, October 9, 2009

Savoring the Little Things

My chalk artist - coloring is an obsession of hers right now.

My mover and shaker - this kid is just about to take off. The Johnny Jump Up just lets him feel like he is as big as his sister.

On the move to color some more. :)

Let me just say that this week has kicked my butt. The Daily Candy article has been wonderful for my little business and I have spent most of my evenings and naptimes printing/cutting/and packaging away. I still had other things on my plate - like my job for Chick-fil-A (which has been busy with one co-worker out on maternity leave and the other abroad for two weeks). Keeping this to a 10 hour minimum has been a challenge. So with all this, my lesson this week - or my conviction rather - is to savor the little things.

Sometimes as a mother I feel like I am swirling around doing all this stuff - laundry, groceries, cleaning, feeding, work for Chick-fil-A and myself, and so much more - that I don't even feel like I am "here." I have just realized so much this week the importance of being present in my children's lives. So, this week I decided to take a few more moments coloring with Charlotte, feeding Douglass Charles his bottle in the morning in his room with no distractions, wrestling on the floor a little longer, playing babies and tickling for one more minute and when I do it to be there. Not thinking about that huge, long list of everything that must be done. We all know that the list continues to grow and is never done and as a poem my mother loves to quote (A Song for a Fifth Child)"Babies don't keep." I only have today, tomorrow is not promised and I truly want to be present and savor the little things!


Grant, Meg and Favre said...

I love her outfit..she looks soo cute!! She looks like such a fashionista!

Kathryn Anne (Kate) said...

Oh my goodness! these are the cutest pics! They are both getting so big. I want to come visit. I think the weekend you have family pics would be fun and I could help out with the kids!
Let me know if this is still ok!
Love ya'll!

Janice said...

Cute pics. . . and a great reminder!!

Amy said...

Thanks for the post, and thank you for the reminder! I need to do this, too!