Friday, May 9, 2008

Screaming Babies and Flashing Lights

Why is it that every time my child is screaming in the car I either get behind the slowest car on the planet, there is a wreck that requires a 45 minute detour, or a cop riding behind me keeping me at the speed limit? Well, the worst situation happened Wednesday afternoon.

Charlotte has been doing so well with her car riding lately. Of course I had made a comment about it that morning knowing full well that we would probably have an issue - just because I said something. On our way home that afternoon Charlotte was tired and got a nasty case of the hiccups. Of course she started wailing. Obviously I sped up knowing that I still had 10 to 15 minutes left in the car and her crying would only escalate.

Sure enough, hiding in the bushes was a copper. Yes, just waiting there for me. I knew I was speeding even though I didn't know the speed limit. Of course he pulled out and followed me a couple of yards and then went the lights. So... I pulled over.

I thought, "Surely I will only get off with a warning. He will be able to hear my screaming child before he event gets to my door." To my dismay she stopped crying. All this to my horror I spoke to her very sternly and told her she better start crying again before the cop came to my window. Seconds passed and no crying. I was about to give up hope knowing the cop wouldn't believe my story when... "Waaaaaaaa." Ahhh, the only time in my whole life I have been thankful for my child screaming. :)

Thankfully, I got off with a warning and no ticket. Have a slowed down, yes! I drive around with cruise control on now. Will I speed again? Surely I will. Charlotte is sure to scream again and unfortunately I am sure her wails will win me over to actively and quickly try to take care of her discomfort.

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