Friday, May 16, 2008

Doing Chores

Today Charlotte and I stayed home. I still wound up doing about an hours worth of Chick-fil-A work - because I am on call all the time and have to take phone calls no matter what. We cleaned house - or I guess I should say I did as she sat and watched. I kept telling her throughout the process that in a few years she would be helping with the chores. She didn't seem too amused seeing as she has been fussy most of the day.

This picture was taken while I was cleaning her room, putting away clothes and changing the sheets in her crib. There was no where for me to put her, so in she went in the clothes hamper. She liked it in there for a while. She could sit up and play with her toys. Please do not take me for a bad mother, but she can't sit up on her own yet and I knew the sides of the hamper would keep her from toppling over.

We are off to grandparents this weekend and cousin Addy comes in on Monday. We are so excited! I am sure I will have more pictures to post then. Stay tuned for another apron giveaway to be announced May 30th!

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