Sunday, May 11, 2008

My First Mother's Day

Today, marks my first Mother's Day. Charlotte has yet to tell me Happy Mother's Day, but she has said it several times with her smile. According to her father she decided not to get me flowers. She wants me to go pick out a flowering bush that I can plant in the back yard and watch grow. Everytime I look at it she wants me to think of her. I thought this was very creative or our little Charlotte and I look forward to picking out something that I can hopefully keep alive - thankfully I am better at mothering my child than I am plants. :)

We also went to dinner last night. Nice dinners at restaurants have become even more special than before. Our budget doesn't allow for somewhat expensive dinners. I even got my favorite cocktail - which was kind of funny drinking while feeding Charlotte baby food - not very cosmopolitan. Who cares! I enjoyed the drink and Charlotte was an angel.

So... my first Mother's Day has proven to be a good one. Nothing too elaborate. Of course my favorite gift is that of my daughter. :)

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IRENE said...

Wishing you a hundred more to come, and all of them happy and blessed.