Monday, August 15, 2011


In her (future) Uncle Rob's boots -
he's getting the kiddos ready for their adventure in Texas

Late night swim with cousins are fun -
DC has chocolate icecream on his face.
My two had a BLAST and stayed up
WAY past their bedtime - but that is what one does
when at Nannah's, right?

Uncle Owey getting them to laugh.
I won't mention what he did,
but if you know my brother
 it had to do with bodily noises and
the kids died laughing

If you have noticed my absence on the blog, don't be alarmed. I have been busy as a bee and then away for a few days to enjoy my precious family.

The college grad, little sis, Emily

Last Saturday the kids and I ventured down to Auburn University to celebrate my baby sister's college graduation. I am thirteen years her senior, so you can imagine how proud and how nostalgic I was of this accomplishment in her life. She's a smart girl and finished in about three years if I'm not mistaken. She is off to Austin, Texas.. and yes, for those of you counting that is sibling number four whom the great state of Texas has claimed. There is only my brother and I left out here in the East...

The sweet and happy couple -
doesn't my sister look beautiful here.
She is so happy and it thrills my heart
to see her this way. Can't wait for her big day!

I also was able to celebrate another sister, Sarah - as my parents threw a party for her and her fiance over the weekend. It was wonderful to see old friends and have my parents' home full again - of children, our family, and old friends. I miss those days.

The kids had a blast playing with their cousin Adeline and I had a wonderful time enjoying most of my family - all but five of them (they were unable to make it) - and holding my sweet niece, Leah Cate, who is the sweetest thing I have ever seen (seriously, if I could guarantee to have another one just like her I would probably have a third child).

The kids and I stayed through the middle of the week and enjoyed having Nannah and PaPa's undivided attention - this is a rare occurance as our time almost always must be shared. There are so many of us.
And finally, I am so grateful for this man. We celebrated nine years of marriage on the tenth. Seems hard to believe. Number nine was a hard one for us and I am grateful that we came out of it together on the other side. Ahhh, those bumps in the road, thankfully God can use them to grow bonds stronger and I think the two of us are all the better for it.

And lest I not forget a couple of other things I am oh so grateful for in the past few weeks... my kiddos (so glad that God saw fit to lend them to my care. I love those monkies), my business - just finished my best month ever, and my faith - seriously don't know where I would be without the love and grace my Father desperately gives me every day. I will never be deserving...

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