Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Walking Tall

Walking out into the back yard for the first time - she didn't get far. She got distracted by the grass

Sitting pretty picking at the grass

Charlotte is walking everywhere. I have started letting her walk with me down to the mailbox. Every time we go out she wants to walk in the grass. Last Friday, it was so nice I decided to try the back yard. The ground is much more uneven out there and the grass is not as thick. She very quickly discovered all the textures on the ground and got distracted. We lasted about ten minutes before I was afraid she would get too dirty in her pretty clothes. We headed back in but ever since she makes her way to the back door on a daily basis to look longly at that interesting grass.


Amy said...

I love these pictures! What a pretty outfit!! She's just preparing you to have this little boy--wanting to get dirty and all!

Alison said...

I know. I am going to have to get over my not wanting to get them dirty mentality. My poor son would never have a good time if I keep this up. :) Hope you are well!