Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1st Haircut

Sporting her new do and looking at all the pretty bottles

Shaking one of those pretty bottles

Today I finally took Charlotte to get her first haircut. You know it is bad when even her daddy tells me that her hair is starting to look like a mullet. So... I caved in and got it cut. I did shop around. People, it is crazy what people charge to snip off the few little hairs on a baby's head. The cheapest I found was $11.00, which is what we paid today (before tip). One place was over $15.00 and they graciously let me know that since it would be her first cut they would give me a certificate and an envelope with her hair in it for an additional $3.00. I thought to myself - the hair belongs to my child. I am sorry I don't have to pay for that. I will bring my own darn envelope. The kind people at Great Clips gave us a card with the date and the snippings from her cut free of charge. This was obviously more along the lines of what I was looking for.

Charlotte was very brave. She sat with me the whole time - the reason why there are no pictures of the actual cut. She kept looking at the lady like she was crazy and at one point she she even tried to push the lady's hand away.

Other than her looking a little like Scout on To Kill A Mocking Bird, she looks pretty cute. I am sure I will adjust to the new cut. I can't wait for it to get long enough for me to actually play with. :)

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