Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine Mobile

The kids and I worked on this mobile last weekend. I had a whole plan of things we were going to accomplish for valentines day - like making cookies for our friends, leaving love notes in a mailbox I purchased for the week, and coloring valentines. With our trip out of town and the sickness none of those things happened - which makes me really glad we at least were able to make this fun little piece.

I let the kids pick out what papers they wanted to use and then they colored the paper after I cut it. See the pattern and directions below. Enjoy!

Right click, "save picture as" to your personal folder, select file and print.

Decorative paper

Directions: Print out the pattern. Take your decorative paper and fold in half. Copy or trace the pattern on the folded part. Cut along each line - will make three different hearts. Thread your needle and thread (I doubled the thread) and knot at bottom. Make the thread pretty long. Place the needle through the bottom of the first heart. Wrap around the bottom and then bring the needle through the bottom again, repeat at the top with the same thread. Then start on the second heart, running the needle through the bottom, wrapping around and running through again. You will want to make sure there is some space between each heart. You will repeat this process with the third heart. This will be the top of your mobile. Leaving a long piece of the thread tie off the third heart and you are done. Your mobile is ready to hang. We had three mobiles here to create a fuller look. Hope you enjoy!

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