Thursday, February 4, 2010

Winter Sunshine

At the English house we are ready for Spring - the gorgeous flowers, the warmer temperatures, and sunshine! The sun has been teasing us a bit over the last several weeks and making us yearn for the warmer days ahead.

One cold, sunny afternoon I decided the kids could stay indoors no longer. I opened the back door and let Charlotte loose. I also did something with the baby that I would have never let Charlotte do - I let him crawl around the back patio and he LOVED it! These photos just capture a little of the fun we have had lately while venturing outdoors.

I also wanted to take the time here to jot down a few of the things the kids are doing. Two of my favorites with Charlotte are when you ask her if you wants something - like a specific snack - and she doesn't want it she says, "No thank you!" in a very matter of fact way.

My second thing that I caught her saying just this week was "Okay, Mom" whenever I ask her a question. I am no longer "mommy" just "mom." Of course this can change with whatever mood she is in, but she sounds so grown up saying it.

Douglass Charles is coming into his own. He can say "bye, bye," "night,night," "da,da," and "no, no." He also has begun to have "conversations" with us. He will just jabber away and look at me like I am supposed to understand. He also picks up a phone and has conversations - loud ones - with whoever he thinks is on the other line.

My favorite thing he has recently picked up is hugging. He hugs his stuffed animals and I have even gotten him to kiss them. The other night while putting him to bed he gave me hug after hug and even a kiss. It was so sweet.

It just amazes me how fast they are growing and we can't wait to relish in the fun the Spring sunshine will bring us!


Amy said...

Those pictures are too cute! That's fun they got to play outside!!!

lbrownfield said...

You should frame the first one, the one of Charlotte looking up at the sunshine. Though you can't see her face, you can tell it's her by the way she stands and holds her head. Looks like it should be in a magazine.