Thursday, February 11, 2010

There Is A God

Don't know if you have heard the new song from Lee Ann Womack. I heard it this morning while driving. It took me right back to my days at the ranch. I know I refer to this place often, but there was a lot of life change that happened for me there and if you have ever found yourself in the presence of those rocky mountains, you understand the effect they can have on one's soul.

When I heard this song I was reminded of the many lone hikes I would take up a small mountain peak. I can't describe the feeling I would get once on top looking down on the valley below, and looking at the vast expanse of mountains around. Breathtaking is one word, awe is another, and yet, I would always feel so small. Realizing that our God created all that vast beauty, then seeing the ranch in the valley - looking more like the size of micromachines. And I am one lone soul, one person in the vast expanse of billions of humans.

For one, I do believe that it is difficult when viewing such beauty to believe that there isn't a God. Secondly, my breath catches at the thought that He loves me. I am such a small, little person. A little ant coming and going to and from my ant hill and God loves ME! The great thing is... He loves you too. Be encouraged today. Take a moment to enjoy the beauty of God's creation and know that you are loved. And when you get a chance, check out Lee Ann's new song "There Is A God." Hope it inspires you to see God in all the facets of your life. :)

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The Kimmels said...

Beautiful post and very true. We are just ants in this BIG BIG world but are truly loved. Also a great song! Looking forward to catching up on Thursday!