Monday, February 1, 2010

Crumbs in My Butter

Oh how I hate crumbs in my butter, mustard in my mayo, jelly in my peanut butter. This absolutely drives me crazy. Such has been my life over the last couple of weeks. There have been many crumbs - more than usual. They consist of Charlotte testing me more and more and learning selective hearing, Douglass Charles being sick and cutting his twelve month molars. We also have started working with Douglass Charles on some discipline and let me just go ahead and tell you - disciplining two is SO much harder than one (duh!).

The problem is, I have been losing it over those crumbs. Sadly, everything really came to a head yesterday and I lost my temper yet today. I always feel so horrible when I do this and I hate that I will let it effect my entire days most times.

Yesterday, as I was crying in the shower I decided to breath and pray. Why was I letting myself get down in the dumps? My horrible attitude only makes my kids worse. So, I decided to choose to have a better day.

I will tell you, I have found several things that are effective for me when I am out of sorts.
1. Prayer is always the best thing, but there are several other things that can turn my thought process around.
2.A really hot shower is one - I can't hear anything, I can let the water just wash all over me and relish in the heat. It relaxes me.
3. Getting dressed. I don't understand it but when I have decent clothes on, my hair fixed and my "face on" I feel 100% better.
4. Clean the house - this tends to happen when I am really angry. It is like being able to clean something, wipe the dirt off, feel like I am gaining some control makes me feel better. It declutters an area in my life and I feel more relaxed.

So, what are some of the things you do to get over the crumbs in your butter? Maybe I can add some of yours to my list. At the rate I have been going lately, I need a few new options. :)


stephanie said...

amen sister. i echo all of your sentiments. except cleaning the house:) i have been loosing it lately too...i don't know why the two beings we love the most cultivate some major frustration. as far as coping mine is sitting down somewhere drinking a cocacola classic and eating goldfish...
and if it is a really lucky day spending some alone time with the Lord just is really the little things right...

*plum*tree*studio* said...

your four items that help you to sort things are mine as well! prayer is the first thing, something i do with everything. a really hot it! my husband does not understand this. lol. getting dressed in pressed clean clothes and feeling good about my brushed hair and "face" always makes me feel ready for the day. cleaning the house...oh my gosh...this makes such a difference and watch out when i'm gets even cleaner! lol.