Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Little Man

He looks like a little golfer in this outfit.

Just chillin in his favorite spot - his bouncy seat.

He looked so cute in this bubble that I monogrammed for him.

Sleeping in his carseat after church - really he naps the best in the car.

He looks a little worried here, but I wanted to try to get a closeup.

The pictures I posted here all came from the last week or so. Douglass Charles has changed so much in the last 9 weeks and it is amazing to see how big he is getting. We checked back on some of Charlotte's records and basically he is the size she was at three months.

Doug mentioned last evening that he could tell I was getting much more attached to him. I asked him why. He said, "You talk about him all the time." I must say that my love for my son seems to grow every day. The same progression happened with Charlotte and by the time she was three months old I thought if I loved her any more I would just burst. I wondered if I would feel the same with my second child and of course I do.

Douglass Charles is doing a little better with sleeping in his crib. We are still enduring our bootcamp but he seems to be able to be a little more content on his own. He still enjoys cuddling with me whenever he can. :) He is cooing and talking more and Charlotte loves it when he tries to talk. She just giggles at him.

One of the cutest things he does that I love is when he is ready to eat and I am getting him ready to take his bottle, he takes his little fists, places them close to his mouth and smacks hims lips with the cutest little face. Once the bottle gets near his mouth he latches for it like a man crazed with his mouth and them claspes it with his fists. He doesn't let those hands leave that bottle until he is about half-way through and sure that I won't take it from him.

On the night sleeping we are so blessed (and probably one of the reasons I feel better - it is amazing what can happen when you get more rest). Last night I awoke several times thinking he should be wanting to eat. He went to sleep at 9:00 and didn't wake until 6:00 a.m. I was shocked and thrilled all at the same time. When this begins to happen one really starts to believe that one day things might get back to normal. The napping, though, needs much work - seeing as an hour nap is a long one for him. I can't complain much, though. I would much rather napping be the problem than him not sleeping at night.

Again, we appreciate all your support and prayers. We thank the Lord for our two little blessings!

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Amy said...

Such a cutie! I absolutely LOVE the orange and blue romper!! So cute!!