Friday, May 22, 2009


Sorry for my absence over the last week. We went out of town last weekend on one of our annual trips. The Regions Classic is a Senior PGA tournament that is held in Birmingham every year and it just happens to be at the resort where my in-laws live. Doug took Friday off and we left Thursday afternoon and stayed through the weekend. The kids did great, had tons of fun and while we didn't get to watch much golf (it rained all weekend), Doug and I did get a date night which was wonderful (thanks to Doug's parents for keeping the kids).

The kids keep growing and changing and coloring has all the sudden become a favorite activity of Miss Charlotte's. Several days this week she has come up to me, pointed to the colors on the counter, and said "Coyor, Coyor!." So... we have been coloring this week (as well as eating the tips off the markers - Ahhh! When do they quit putting things in their mouths?).

We are off to Atmore this next week with my mother. It will be nice to go home and stay a little while. I just pray the kiddos do okay away from home for longer than a weekend. :)

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