Saturday, December 6, 2008

When the Relatives Came

The Moore Family - From left to right: Doug, Charlotte, Melissa, Dad, me and baby #2, Emily, Mom, Lauren, Adeline, Mary Catherine, Owen, Matt, and Sarah

So I have been unable to post about our lovely Thanksgiving weekend. With the birthday party and family news the Thanksgiving post was put on hold. You can see by the picture above that I have a large family. We don't seem that big to me when we are all together but when I see us in a cluster like this we are a large group.

Anyway, if you have never read the children's book, When the Relatives Came, check it out sometime. It speaks of all the cousins and family coming. They eat all the food, they sleep everywhere and fun and chaos is had by all.

This pretty much sums up our Thanksgiving. Before my family's arrival I had arranged for half of my family to stay at a friend's house so most everyone could have a bed to lay their head on. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving - when some of the family was already here - I received a call from my friend stating that they had a puking virus at their house. Needless to say, we did not bombard them, nor did we subject our large group to such a bug.

We all made do and by Friday night I had all twelve family members asleep somewhere in my house. It made for a memorable weekend and all that togetherness was probably a blessing with the news my parents gave us over the holiday.

So, thanks fam for sticking it out on pallets on the floor, sleeping on couches and basically sharing one and half baths. We all survived.

Now, if I can just get Charlotte and Mo well. All the holiday fun left Charlotte with a double ear infection and Mo in the doggy hospital. Charlotte is screaming now refusing to take her nap so I guess I must go. TTFN. :)

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