Monday, December 1, 2008

Party Time

Our Birthday Girl - in the dress Mommy made her

Mommy and her little girl

Her Birthday Cake - to share

Having fun with Mommy

A girly party - pink flowers and all

We finally celebrated Charlotte's birthday since my entire family was here for Thanksgiving. Doug's parents drove over on there way out of town. Meg, Doug's sister, and his Aunt Mimi were both able to come over and help us celebrate. It was sweet to watch our little girl. Her daddy told me later that the whole thing made him a little sad. Our baby Charlotte is not a baby anymore. I get a little teary eyed thinking about it myself.

It was a fun day and of course I thought she looked beautiful. It was special to be able to share it with so many people that we love and care about. We appreciate our families making the effort to share in this memory with us.

Enjoy the photos...

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