Monday, June 9, 2008

Sunbathing Pool Side


Stylin' in sunglasses!

All smiles for the camera.

Swimming with daddy (she later loved doing this once she realized that she was safe and sound).

Getting a sip of daddy's drink on a hot day!


Yesterday afternoon we took Charlotte to our neighborhood pool. It was her first time in the pool and at first she wasn't too sure. She finally realized it was just like being in a big bathtub but with lots of other people. By the end of our trip she was squealing with delight and joyfully soaking in some rays.

She looked too cute in her little two-piece. It took me forever to find one in her size. The sunglasses just added to the ensemble. Doug and I laughed and laughed over our little one - as did everyone else at the pool. She was too funny and too cute for her own good. :)


stephanie said...

too cute! i had to cover micah's eyes for the topless shots though. he would prefer his woman to have a little more modesty. not really but we can hope! love ya'll. can't wait to have a swim date!

Joanne Kennedy said...

How cute are those pictures! I love the little bathing suit and the pink sun glasses.