Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Birthday Suit

If you have read my title or if you know me you know that I am the oldest of six children. With every one of us my mother took naked pictures of us around six months of age. I decided to do this with Charlotte. They turned out pretty cute, but I only felt comfortable sharing one photo here online (family please feel free to contact me and I am happy to share). She looked so cute just sitting there in that bowl. The only times she would smile was when I would get her daddy to come and talk/play with her. I guess she was embarrassed that I would take her picture naked - I know this is not true because she loves being in her birthday suit. :)

On another note... for those of you following the apron giveaway, there is only one week left. Please feel free to let your friends know. The giveaway will be announced next Monday, June 30th. Good luck! (Scroll down to enter)


Joanne Kennedy said...

This is a darling picture. Looks like a professional took it.


stephanie said...

love that picture...micah's big booty wouldn't have fit in that bowl at 6 months!
love ya'll!

Michele said...

Oh my gosh, what an adorable picture!!! I love it!!!


kristi lee said...

That is an adorable idea.