Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Thankful for the Chicken House!

There are many things I am thankful for, but I decided today that I would blog about something that sometimes is hard for me to express gratitude over - work. Yes, I live yet another life outside of mom, wife and apron maker - I am a marketing director for Chick-fil-A. This job is very flexible and I get to be at home or take little Charlotte with me. Every once in a while I have to pay a babysitter, but most days I don't.

In this photo you see me with my friend Stephanie - Micah's mother. She is one of my best friends here and she is also the one who got me this job. We are both at our Re-Grand Opening ribbon cutting where, for once, neither one of has our children with us (rare occasion). So, thanks Stephanie, for talking Mike (our boss) into hiring me. :)

I work anywhere from 15 to 30 hours a week. Some weeks are tougher than others, and it is definitely never easy to cart my 4 1/2 month around... but, I am happy I able to be with her. This is what this job affords me, a little cash to help pay bills, a way to continue to hone my marketing skills, free Chick-fil-A (which is wonderful), and a way to still stay home with my baby (which is the best of all). So... thanks to the Chicken House for helping to provide time with my family and money for my bills. :)

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stephanie said...

Love you! Glad that you are thankful for the job...at least for today right? I am so glad that we get to work together, and you got the picture to look right. Our only friend picture of just us and it is at work, so sad. We'll have to take one with out the chicken aprons sometime!