Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Break from Aprons

Finally a weekend devoted to more than sewing aprons. I had a light week this week with orders and I should have beefed up my inventory but I decided to do something for my little one. The other day I got to thinking, "What if Charlotte is my only daughter?" This made me realize that I better do some things for her that I want to because I may not have another chance - or the time - when the next one comes along.

I found this swiss dot/eyelet fabric while rumaging around at Joann's - where I am on a first name basis with the general manager. I thought it was pretty and decided to make Miss Charlotte and little outfit. The top is a pinafore that I can mix and match and hopefully she will be able to wear all summer. The pants will go with so many things. If she continues to grow taller many of her little dresses are getting too short but she is thin enough to wear some of them as blousy tops. These pants should go nicely.

So... finally, Charlotte and myself got to benefit from all my new sewing skills. It was so nice to relax and work on something different for a change. :)

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