Monday, April 21, 2008

Birthdays, Baptism and Teeth

Charlotte and her daddy before we left for church - how sweet

Charlotte with our paster, Jim Moon

Charlotte with the Moore family - my side - my mother father and one of my sisters, Emily

The English family, Andy, us, Doug's parents, Meg and Kate

Doug's grandparents and Charlotte's Great Grandparents. Charlotte shared her baptism day with her Great Grandma's birthday.

In a child's life things seem to happen all at once. We had a busy weekend with all the family in. Charlotte's Great Grandma turned 80 Sunday and we had a big family celebration Saturday evening. My folks also came in Saturday for Charlotte's baptism.

It was a beautiful day and a special time for her father and I as we both made vows to bring her up in our Christian faith. It was also special for the spiritual meaning. Christ died for Charlotte's sins. She is already a part of His covenant and we pray that one day she accepts Christ as her savior.

Charlotte looked beautiful in her Christening gown. It was very sentimental. It is the same gown that all my sisters and myself wore when we were baptized. The bonnet (which I am not sure is shown here) was a gift from her Aunt Emily from her trip abroad. Some poor lady in Belgium made the bonnet by hand.

On top of all the festivities we found that Charlotte had two little teeth poking up. We couldn't believe it.

Last evening after all the company had gone and our little one was tucked away in her bed Doug and I pulled out the videos we have taken of her over the last five months. I am already amazed at how much she has grown and how the time has flown.

Life is measured so much of the time by milestones. Birthdays, baptisms and teeth. From five months to 80 years of age, this weekend was marked with special life milestones and wonderful memories. :)

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Kara said...

What a beautiful post! It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing all of the neat pictures of Charlotte on your blog. I love seeing them. She is so precious!